The Pine Cabin is proposed to be a 600 square foot temporary dwelling unit for people visiting and celebrating events on the Garrett Fields site located in Louisiana. Given the square footage restriction a minimalist approach was taken in order to maximize open floor space. An increasingly open floor plan allowed for the uniquely tall pine trees on the site to be incorporated as both structural support and as a central lighting fixture for each unit. Four ring shaped light fixtures will be connected to the portion of the tree trunk inside each cabin, this is intended to create a warm glow at night and celebrate the beauty of the tree within the cabin space and the greater site. The architecture of the cabin also takes into consideration the tendency for flooding on the site by being raised on a base of steel and concrete to wick away unwanted moisture.  

An increasingly open floor plan allowed for the uniquely tall pine trees on the site to be incorporated as central light fixtures for each unit.

Featured above is the physical site analysis of the Garrett Fields site. This was a collaborative project model exploring topography, hydrology, tree density, as well as, pre-existing structures and access roads. The dashed red lines link to photos taken on site, highlighted is the proposed construction area for the tree houses.  

The Cabin Units will be grouped in threes. Each group will have a shared bath and shower space, maintained by event staff. Highlighted is one unit grouping, which could be replicated as needed.

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